My interest in woodworking started developing when I watched my father make things from wood using fairly basic tools. At the same time, I was inspired by my mother, an artist known for her beautiful depictions of scenery and wildflowers. My father's skills and my mother's artistry continue to influence what I do in the workshop.

My main interest has been in woodturning, and in using various combinations of wood to make cutting boards, clocks, and cribbage boards. Most of the woods used are hardwoods ranging from walnut, maple, oak, hickory, and cherry to imported varieties such as olivewood, Tasmanian blackwood, jatoba, canary wood, mahogany, and Burmese rosewood. Many of my pieces are finished with food-safe oils and are suitable for use in the kitchen, as well as for serving munchies to family and hungry guests.

Prior to my retirement, I was professor of trumpet and instrumental conducting in the School of Music at Memorial University where I also served as Associate Director for Graduate Studies. As well, I performed with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra from 1980 to 2014.

Donald S. Buell